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  1. Reply ann coombes

    I am trying to find some Glossy A3 photocopy paper to copy a photograph that has already been printed. All I seem to find is photo paper and im not sure if that would work? Can you help?

    • Reply admin

      We need a bit more information to solve this problem. What type of cartridge is it? Ink or Toner? What brand? We should be able to help if you can provide those details.

  2. Reply Ajeet

    dear sir

    can u tel how to Calculate the corrugated box size & how to give the price ,,,, for 1 kg box ,,, please send information i m waitng for ur reply sir ,,,,

  3. Reply Le Alyk

    I’m looking for a binder that “flips up.” Which means a binder that works like one of the memo pads where the pages flip upwards instead of from side to side. The reason for this is because I like the organizational aspects of the binder, but I am a left handed and as it stands, it will be hard for me to write in a binder w/o removing the pages due to the placement of the rings. So if the rings were on top that would be ideal.

    If that does not exist, I was wondering if notepads that can be refilled are possible (sounds exactly like the flip up binders). It seems inefficient for me to keep buying notepads when i can get paper for free (unlined paper).

    The requests may seem strange but i’ve looked at other options and these two are the only ones that are convenient and can keep my papers stored in one place efficiently (versus individual clips)

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Reply James Allocco

    Is there a discrepancy is the size of an oringial to a copy? Can a copy appear to grow or shrink in size? When comparing copies of copies to the origianl there appears to ba a difference in size, is this possible?

  5. Reply George Kolano

    I am looking for a 3 ring binder that can hold a 16″ x 20″ sheet size.
    The rings are 8-1/2″ apart. Do you carry such an odd size?

    George Kolano

  6. Reply Jeff

    Hi, Searched online for a replacement drum for a xerox workcentre 4118 and found what appears to be a decent deal on Is anyone familiar with this site or do you recommend purchasing from a local name brand supplier? Or another website for that matter?

  7. Reply Cheryl

    Should I use a 9″ envelope or will an 8″ envelope be better as a postage paid return envelope inside a #10 business envelope? They are returning a single sheet of 8 1/2 x 11″ paper.

    Thank you

  8. Reply Alain

    AS1018CD Aurora Paper Shredder.

    As a result of an overload I damaged my shredder. the first gear hard plastic (just after the electric engine) is grated on 3 cm long. where can I find this type of spare part to order a new one.

    Thank you for your help.

  9. Reply Ray Stapleton


    Do you have a glossary of office product supplier common definitions?

    Definitions for common terms such as SKU, Core list, list price, etc. is what I am looking for.

    Thank you!

    Ray Stapleton

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