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How you choose to bind your publications can say a lot about you.  Whether you are binding a book, report, or some other multi-page document, choosing the right binding will give your documents a professional look. Listed below are the most common types of bindings and the equipment used.

Types of Bindings and Binding Equipment

Spiral Binding / Coil Binding

A spiral binder, also known as a coil binder, uses a plastic or metal wire that runs through holes along the edge of the binding.

Tape Binding

A tape binder uses cold or thermal tape to bind the spine.

Plastic Comb Binding

A plastic comb binder uses a plastic binding with many “combs” that are inserted into the holes along the edge of a stack of papers.

Wire Binding

A wire binder binds pages using a spiral binding or a double loop design.

Perfect Binding

A perfect binder is a type of glue binder that is used to create pads and books.

Binding Supplies

Each type of binding equipment uses special binding supplies. Make sure you choose the right type of supplies for your equipment.

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