Choosing an Online Office Supply Company

Every year businesses spend billions of dollars on office supplies. Whether you buy from one or several office supply dealers you should expect excellent service, including access to a person who can answer your questions, preferably a salesperson or customer-service rep familiar with any and all office supply product knowledge.

Keep in mind that employee salaries, benefits and payroll taxes comprise 92 percent of all office expenditures. A significant reduction in the amount of time spent shopping the market can be more cost effective than paying the lowest price. An efficient office product distributor will save capital and space through rapid delivery.

Choosing a site for online ordering becomes a matter of personal preference but you can use the list below as a guide.

  • Do they have knowledgeable customer service reps available when I call?
  • Do they have next day delivery?
  • Will they special order items not in your warehouse?
  • Can I place orders online?
  • Will they deliver to multiple locations?
  • What is their minimum order requirement?
  • What are their billing terms?
  • Think total cost first and price second.
  • The vendor’s return and warranty policies, delivery time, technical competence
  • Product quality

Online Benefits: When it comes to product selection, online office supply stores are the hands-down winners. Most online dealers typically carry around 30,000 different products and buying office supplies online lets you generate a list of items you purchase regularly, so it’s easy to re-stock your supplies. You’ll search one time for exactly what you need, add it to your list and there it stays, allowing ensuing shopping trips to be as easy as the click of a button.