Envelopes for Business & Office

Business Envelopes – are available in a variety of sizes that are usually represented by a number; for example, a #9 or a #10 envelope. Business envelopes are typically made of paper stocker that ranges from 16 to 40 lb. Several different types of business envelopes exist. Window envelopes, clasp envelopes, catalog envelopes, and interoffice envelopes are the most common types.

Window Envelopes – are the type that many bills and bank statements come in. They feature a clear window where the destination address is usually located. As a result, the address can be printed directly on the paper inside and it can be seen through the window. Window envelopes provide the convenience of not having to write or print on the envelopes.

Clasp Envelope – are usually relatively large envelopes that have a clasp to seal them. This makes them quick and easy to reuse. Heavyweight kraft paper is normally used for clasp envelopes.

Open-end Envelope / Catalog Envelope – Open-end envelopes, or catalog envelopes, are similar to clasp envelopes. However, instead of using a clasp closure, they contain an adhesive seal. Many catalogs, brochures, and magazines are shipped in catalog envelopes, which are usually brown or white in color.

Interoffice Envelope – are designed to be reclosed and reused. There are two common types of closures found on interoffice envelopes: a string and button or a piece of velcro. Most interoffice envelopes have spaces for you to record information such as who it should be delivered to, who it is sent by, and the date. They are available in several colors which is useful for separating and identifying documents.

Paper Envelopes – The majority of envelopes, including the types listed above, are normally made of paper. Paper envelopes come in many different sizes and styles.

Envelope Materials

Plastic Envelopes – Although not as common as paper envelopes, plastic envelopes offer several advantages. They are durable, strong, and reusable. Some plastic envelopes are also expandable to accommodate different amounts of paper.

Printed Envelopes – Many companies and individuals use custom printed envelopes. They typically contain your name and return address but may include other information or designs as well. Custom printed envelopes offer a professional look and save you time. Printed holiday party invitations are also a great way to show you care during the holidays.

Colored Envelope – Colored envelopes are frequently used for special mailings such as greeting cards. They come in many different sizes and styles. Larger colored envelopes can also be used to color code documents.

Envelope Seals – Envelope seals add a touch of style to your envelopes. They also save you time by eliminating the need to moisten the envelope seal. Envelope seals can be purchased with designs, as solid colors, or in clear.