Office Supplies & Equipment FAQ

What are compatible copier toner cartridges?
Does a copier toner cartridge have to be used in a certain time frame?
What does a copier drum do?
What are copier toner refill kits?
What is the yield of a copy machine toner cartridge?
What is a fax ribbon?
How do recycled copier toner cartridges and new cartridges differ?
Do remanufactured copier toner cartridges contain less toner than new cartridges?
How much money can compatible inkjet cartridges save me?
What are compatible ink cartridges?
Will my warranty be voided by using an ink refill?
What are ink refill kits?
Will ink refill kits make a mess?
What advantages do ink refills offer?
What are remanufactured ink cartridges?
What does OEM stand for?
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How many times can an ink cartridge be refilled?
It says professionally remanufactured. What does that mean?
What are the white and green lines on older computer paper?
Should I use a certain side of the copier paper?
Why is glossy photo paper recommended for photographs?
What is the difference between photo paper and copier paper?
What do you use 13 x 19 Paper for?
How does glossy paper differ from matte printer paper?
What is rag content in copy paper?
Does printing paper come in different weights?
Copy Paper Suppliers
What are paper grades and basis weights and there common uses?
Will my warranty be voided by using compatible toner cartridges?
What does the fuser do in a laser printer?
What affects the yield of a laser printer toner cartridge?
How does MICR toner differ from regular toner?
What problems might I have with laser toner cartridges?
What are the benefits of recycling toner cartridges?
How can I tell if my laser printer uses toner cartridges that can be recycled?
What are remanufactured toner cartridges?
What are toner refill kits?
Toner Cartridge Suppliers
How long can I store a toner cartridge before using it?
How does a laser printer work?
What are low-medium-high back chairs?
What is an ergonomic chair?
What is lumbar support?
What is my seat-pan angle?
What is tilt tension in an office chair?
What is an executive desk set?
What items usually come with a desk set?
What are the advantages of leather desk pads?
Desk Set Suppliers
What is embossing and debossing?
What is foil stamping?
What is folder scoring?
Folder Suppliers
Do I really need to turn off the lights when I leave a room?
Office Lamp & Lighting Suppliers
What is the center to center measurement on 3-ring binders?
What is the board on a 3 ring binder?
What are the boosters on three ring binders?
Binder Suppliers
How do comb binders work?
How does spiral binding equipment work?
What kinds of binding systems are available?
Binding Equipment Suppliers
Is mailing equipment only for big business?
What is an automatic labeler?
Mailing Equipment Suppliers
What are the advantages of using a check signer?
What is a decollator?
What is the difference between a hole puncher and a paper drill?
Paper Handling Equipment Suppliers
What are CD shredders?
What are the different types of paper shredding?
How does HIPPA affect the way we shred documents?
Paper Shredder Suppliers
What kind of oil should be used to lubricate the blades of a paper shredder?
How often should the blades of a paper shredder be oiled?
What is paper capacity refer to on a paper shredder?
Money Handling & Money Counter Suppliers
Do money counters offer a counterfeit detection system? If so what kind?
Can money counters count items that are not currency?
What are some terms used regularly when referring to currency?
Why should I use a money counter or currency counter?
What is the difference between hot and cold lamination?
Do pouch laminators use heat-activated or pressure-sensitive lamination?
How do laminating pouches differ from laminating film?
What is laminator roll core thickness?
Laminator Suppliers
Does the film used in laminators offer UV protection?
Why does the laminator film have bubbles after lamination?
What is pressure sensitive laminator film?
What are casters?
What is the most common type of lamination film on the market?
What should I consider before purchasing a shrink-wrapping machine?
What does gauge mean?
Shrink Wrap Equipment Suppliers
What is the nib on a fountain pen?
Are personalized pens available?
What are watercolor pencils?
What types of writing pens are available?
What are binder clips?
What are the different types of paper clips?
What types of custom rubber bands are available?
What is a rubber band ball?
What is bluetooth wireless technology?
What are remanufactured headsets?
What are prep charges on an order of custom labels?
What is a tooling or die charge for printed labels?
How do I design my printed labels?
What are printing plates?
Printed Label Suppliers
What options do I have for custom Post-It notes?
What are some common uses of Post-It note pads?
What is the size of the window on standard business envelopes?
Are color envelopes available?
Are custom printed envelopes available?
What do I need to consider when mailing my envelopes?
What are the most common envelope sizes?
What is a glassine envelope?
What are the most common types of specialty envelopes?
What is a Tyvek envelope?
What is a #10 envelope?
Envelope Suppliers
How do I print my own labels using blank label stock?
Inkjet & Laser Label Suppliers
Is it difficult to print laser labels myself?
What materials are used to make labels?
What do I need to look for when buying DVD or CD labels?
How is the price of blank labels determined?
What are the most common uses for double-sided tape?
What is foam tape?
What is a pressure-sensitive adhesive?
What is Scotch tape?
What is spray adhesive?
How should I arrange the contents when shipping a cardboard box?
How is a corrugated box made?
Can corrugated boxes be recycled?
Are cardboard boxes expensive to ship?
What are some other moving supplies that are needed for a move?
What type of packing materials do I need?
What does the term maximum gross weight mean for shipping boxes?
What is the flute on a corrugated shipping box?
What type of brown paper bags are 100% recyclable?
What are the advantages of using paper grocery bags over plastic bags?
Is there a minimum order for purchasing paper shopping bags?
Are all plastic bags food safe?
What type of plastic are most food storage bags made of?
What are the industry standards for measuring plastic bags?
How does a bag sealer work?
What are cellophane bags?
Can the plastic bags I order be custom printed?
How long is bubble wrap/packing good for? How long will it last?
What is anti-static bubble wrap and packaging?
What are Kraft mailing tubes?
Are mailing tubes available in assorted colors?
Are there mailing tubes with padding inside?
What are the advantages of using plastic shipping tubes?
What is blocking in shrink wrap?
Does the density of shrink wrap film matter?
How much shrink wrap will I need?
What are shrink bands?
When measuring shrink film what does gauge mean?