Industrial Paper Shredders

Industrial Shredders, Extreme Volume, Heavy Duty Shredders – Industrial paper shredders are designed for extremely high volumes of paper. They can often shred 100’s of sheets at a time and many thousands of sheets per day. Industrial shredders are used by large organizations that need to shred much of their paper waste. They also feature large openings to accommodate large sheets or stacks. Designed with high-volume shredding in mind, industrial shredders can tear through up to 400 sheets of paper per pass; that is almost an entire ream of paper while being rugged enough for everyday use. Industrial shredders work more efficiently when combined with dust extracting systems, and bailers. A dust extracting system removes dust from the cutting mechanism, providing cleaner working condition while the bailer works to form the shredded paper into a compact bale therefore saving space and creating more efficiency for you and your business.

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Paper Shredders