Phone Headsets & Phone Headset Accessories

Whether you are at home or in the office, phone headsets offer comfort and convenience. There are a variety of headsets available for different tasks. Some are designed for office and home use, while others are designed for use in the car or at the computer. The information below explains more about the different types of phone headsets.

Phone Headset Benefits

Using a phone headset can increase your productivity because you have both hands free to do other tasks. H B Maynard & Associates has done research that shows that using a phone headset can make you as much as 43% more effective. While using a phone headset your hands are free to make notes, handle documents, or use the computer.

Phone headsets also make your voice clearer and easier to understand for the person on the other end of the line. This is because the distance between the microphone and your mouth remains constant no matter how you move your head. Some phone headsets even include a noise-canceling microphone that greatly reduces or eliminates background noise. These are especially useful for noisy office environments.

Phone Headset Styles

A wide range of phone headset styles helps ensure that there will be one that works with your phone and meets your needs. Listed below are the most common styles of phone headsets that can be used for cell phones and VOIP systems. A reliable and affordable business VOIP system and headset will often foster a more efficient workplace.

On-the-ear Headsets

These headsets hang over your ear. They are small and lightweight.

Over-the-head Headsets

These headsets go over your head and may have one or two speakers.

In-the-ear Headsets

These headsets are extremely small and lightweight. They feature an earpiece that goes directly inside your ear.

Behind the neck Headsets

These headsets have a unique design that wraps around your neck.

Monaural Headsets

Monaural headsets only have one ear pad. This enables you to hear others around you while on the phone.

Binaural Headsets

Binaural headsets have two ear pads to block outside noise. This helps eliminate distractions and enables you to concentrate on your phone call. In addition, the design of binaural headsets makes them extremely stable on your head.