Post It Notes, Sticky Notes, & Custom Note Pads

Are you looking for Post-It notes or note pads? If so, take a look below for some valuable information that may help you in your search.

Post-It Notes – are manufactured by 3M. They feature a special adhesive backing that allows you to stick them to almost any surface and remove them cleanly. The adhesive used on Post-It Notes was created in 1968, and Post-It Notes were introduced in the United States in 1980.

Post-It Notes have gained rapid popularity and have become quite widespread. They are found in the majority of offices in the United States.

Due to the success of Post-It Notes, many other companies have created their own version of the product. The generic term used to describe these little adhesive sheets is sticky notes.

Sticky notes are available in a wide array of sizes and colors. This ensures that there will be a sticky note to meet your needs. The uses of sticky notes are almost unlimited. Some of the most common uses of sticky notes include writing a quick message for someone, making a notation on a document without damaging it, and creating reminders for yourself.

Sticky notes are also offered in custom styles that allow you to personalize them for yourself or your company. You can add text and a graphic to your custom Post-It Notes so others will quickly recognize who the note came from. Custom Post-It Notes are available in many different sizes and colors.

Note Pads – are used for a multitude of tasks around the office. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to meet your needs. Note pads are available with lines or without. In addition, you can purchase personalized note pads that contain your company name and logo.