Shrink Wrap Equipment

Shrink-wrapping is ideal for any business that has packaging needs. Whether you need to wrap software, CDs, videotapes, cassettes, documents, candy, chocolate, food, and/or office supplies a shrink wrapper is perfect for you. Take a look below for the different types of shrink wrapping equipment available and be sure to check out the top US Moving Companies categorized by state.

  • Straight bar sealers – A low volume shrink wrapper, commonly used for sealing CDs, videotapes, and DVDs, that cuts the film and uses a heat gun to shrink the film.
  • L-bar sealers – Another low volume shrink wrapper commonly used for sealing CD’s, videotapes, and DVDs using electric impulses to cut the film.
  • Heat guns – Similar in style to a hair dryer, heat guns blow hot air to shrink the film around a product.
  • Heat tunnels – An automated conveyor belt system that heats film evenly around a product.
  • Mail bagging systems – Package boxes and other products with a manual or automated mail bagging system.
  • Shrink-wrap sealers – Designed to seal film around a product.
  • Vacuum sealers – Designed to remove air from a package and then seal it.
  • Sleeve wrappers – This shrink wrapper uses a sleeve of film to wrap around a box, jar, or your product.
  • Continuous band sealers – A very versatile sealer, these will seal food, liquid, or powder with a variety of seals and bags.

A shrink wrapper is strong, durable, and will keep your items in place not matter what your needs. Shrink-wrapping is the best way to sell your product and keep it secure.