Office Desk Sets, Organizers, & Accessories

Desk Set Information – Desk sets contain a group of desk accessories that all share the same style. They give your desk a clean and organized look. Desk sets hold your pens, stationery, and other supplies. There are many different types of desk sets available and they frequently come with different accessories. Most desk sets will include a combination of the following: desk pad, memo holder, pencil cup, pen stand, business card holder, letter holder, letter opener, and letter tray.

Desk sets generally cost anywhere between about $50 and several hundred dollars. The different sets vary in looks and quality. Our recommended desk set suppliers can provide a number of quality sets at reasonable prices.

Desk Pads

A desk pad serves two purposes; it protects your desktop and improves the look of your desk. Desk pads are included with most desk sets but can also be purchased separately.

Basic Desk Sets

Most basic desk sets are made out of plastic and are relatively inexpensive. Although they generally contain the same items as more expensive desk sets, the quality is usually lower and they do not add the same elegance to your desktop.

Leather Desk Sets

Although leather desk sets are usually the most expensive, they also offer high quality and great looks. A good leather desk set can turn your office into an executive-looking one.

Pen Desk Sets

Pen desk sets feature elegant pens and a pen stand. They may also include an engraved name plate or a clock. Pen desk are included with many complete desk sets but can also be purchased separately.

Engraved Desk Sets

Engraved desk sets include your name or company logo on the items. Although they are a little more expensive, they offer an elegant, professional look.