Folders & Document File Folders

Standard Filing Folder – Standard filing folders are the manila folders that are used by many offices for storing and organizing documents. They are usually made of recycled material and have a tab at the top. Standard document file folders have score marks above the fold that allow them to expand approximately 3/4″ as they are filled. Although there are other types of filing folders, the standard version is the most common and is used by about 80% of offices.

File Folders

Office Folders – The International Data Corp. claims that American businesses produce 600 million sheets of computer printout, 234 million copies, 76 million letters, and 21 million other paper documents each day. With all these papers, it is essential that they are organized. Using office folders will help ensure that your important documents do not get lost and that you can find them quickly and easily.

Custom Printed Folders – Folders can also be created with a design of your choice. The main methods of folder decoration are foil stamping, embossing, and debossing. Foil stamping offers clear, sharp images that are created with color foil that is stamped onto the folder. Embossing and debossing provide an elegant look to your folders. In embossing, your design is pressed from the bottom of the paper so it lies above the surface. Debossing is just the opposite; your design appears beneath the surface of the folder. For more information about custom printed folders visit