What kind of oil should be used to lubricate the blades of a paper shredder?

The oil need to lubricate the blades of a paper shredder is a special type of blended lubricate that is critical for most finer cut shredders that need to operate for extended periods. The oil reduces friction which allows the motor to remain in good working condition for the life of the shredder. Many paper shredder manufacturers will even blend their own oil, to ensure quality and reliability. Using any other lubricant for the shredder blades can void the warranty. In most cases, the oil they use is simply a light mineral oil that will keep the blades free from residue and to remove any fine paper dust that may have accumulated during heavy shredding cycles. Using lubricants like WD-40, motor oil, or vegetable oil may work in the short term but using them over the long run may lead to shredder burnout.