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You’re Out of Ink – Now What?

Imagine the following scenario: you recently got a great deal on a new inkjet printer and now your ink has run out. You go to the store to buy a new inkjet cartridge only to discover that the cost of new black and color inkjet cartridges is more than you paid for the printer. Unfortunately, this scenario has become quite common. Inkjet printer manufacturers are offering low price printers with high price inkjet cartridges.

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Finding Discount Inkjet Cartridges

Fortunately, you have several options when your inkjet printer runs out of ink.

The first option is to buy new OEM ink cartridges. These are the same cartridges that come with the printer and are the most expensive.

Compatible ink cartridges are also available for many printers. These are printer cartridges that are made by a generic manufacturer but generally still provide high quality results.

If compatible cartridges are not available for your printer, you may wish to try remanufactured ink cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are previously-used cartridges that have been cleaned and refilled at the factory. They are thoroughly tested to ensure that they offer the same high quality as new cartridges.

Your final option for purchasing new ink is to buy inkjet refill kits. Inkjet refills allow you to refill almost any empty inkjet cartridge with bottled ink that comes in the kit. Inkjet refill kits are generally quick and easy to use.

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Things to Watch Out For

Printer manufacturers obviously want you to buy their new ink cartridges. Therefore, some manufacturers have been including new technology in their cartridges. For example, some printer cartridges feature a chip that will not allow you to use the cartridge once it becomes empty. Ink refills generally do not work on these types of cartridges. If you are unsure of whether something will work with your ink printer, be sure to ask your supplier.