Epson Printer Ink Cartridges

Unlike many other cartridges that use a thermal process, Epson ink cartridges use a special piezo-electric technology to transfer ink from the print head to the page. This is known as Micro Piezo inkjet technology. The small, 6-picoliter ink drops used by these Epson ink cartridges allows them to produce vivid colors and detail.

Quick-drying inks are used in Epson cartridges for added convenience. They provide great results on many different types of paper.

One of Epson’s newest inventions is DURABrite ink. The ink is found in many of Epson’s newer printers and is smudge-resistant, water-resistant, and light-resistant. The pigment-based ink technology used in these inkjet cartridges allows them to produce superior image quality.

DURABrite ink is great for business and school, photography, keepsakes, crafts, and outdoor activities. The smudge, water, and light resistant qualities help preserve and protect your important documents. It helps protects your papers from spills, moisture, and fading.