Paper Bags & Storage Bags

Are you looking for Paper Bags suppliers? If so, take a look below for some valuable information that may help you in your search.

Paper bags have multiple uses, but most suppliers offer them as shopping bags, grocery bags, and gift bags. Many manufacturers will also be able to build custom paper bags to meet your specifications as well as offering custom printing on each. Check with the supplier to find out what is available.

Paper Bag Specs – Most paper bag suppliers will give the specifications and strength of the paper in terms of paper thickness, also know as basis weight. So the higher the basis weight of the paper, the stronger the bag will be. The symbol # represents pounds. So a 30# paper bag has a 30 lb basis weight.

Recycling Paper Bags – Paper shopping bags are the kind of bags which are both environmentally friendly and cost saving. Most manufacturers will offer bags made with 100% kraft paper which guarantees that the bags are 100% recyclable. Check with your supplier to see the availability of these types.