Home Paper Shredders & Personal Shredders

Low Volume Shredders or Home Shredders are light duty, low volume, and home office paper shredders are one of the most effective ways to battle identity fraud.  Shred receipts, credit card applications, bank statements and more.

One of the world’s largest paper shredder suppliers with over 60 years of experience. Nationwide authorized service network. Holds GSA contract, DOD approved, HIPAA and FACTA compliant shredders.
Paper Shredders

Home (Low Volume) Paper Shredders are:

  • Convenient – Most models are light and can be easily transported from one room to the next while accepting stapled documents, paper clips, and feature Auto On/Off and reverse function to clear overloads.
  • Attractive – Modern designs with optional colors can blend into any office environment perfect for placement next to a desk or table.
  • Secure – Choose from strip-cut, which shreds the paper in the standard manner or higher security/bulk reducing crosscut models, which reduces paper to mere confetti.

There are numerous reasons why you should have a paper shredder in your home.  Everyone has bank statements, medical records, old tax records, legal documents, contracts and countless other sensitive personal information that, in the wrong hands could cause you a lot of headache, misery and even financial ruin.

When searching for your paper shredder keep in mind that your not limited to what is ‘in stock’ in the store.  You can search and compare prices and styles that fit your needs, and ThePrintGuide.com is here to help with a list of recommended paper shredder suppliers that are some of the best in the business.