Office Paper Shredders & Mid Volume Shredders

Mid Volume Shredders – Office paper shredders are designed to be used by more than one person. They are larger and faster than personal or home paper shredders. Many office shredders feature thermally protected motors so that they can be run continuously. Office paper shredders can vary greatly in speed, capacity, and price. Make sure you consider your needs before making a purchase. Some office paper shredders can also shred CDs.

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Paper Shredders

Mid volume office paper shredders are one of the best ways to battle the release of any type of sensitive information.  Shred top-secret documents, sensitive information, contracts, and legal documents.

Mid Volume (Office) Paper Shredders are:

Convenient – Office paper shredders are made to withstand the rigors of daily office use by tearing through stapled documents, paper clips, and feature Auto On/Off and reverse functions to clear overloads.

Attractive – Most contemporary designs are made to blend into an office environment; no longer are the days of clunky office equipment.

Secure – Choose from strip cut, which is that standard form of shredding, to higher security crosscut models, which reduce paper to mere confetti.

There are numerous considerations to be though of when deciding on a office paper shredder.  First what type of document will I be shredding?  Documents to be considered top secret, and/or sensitive need to be disposed of in a thorough manner by using a crosscut shredder.  If your office shredder is going to be used for petty information it is suggested to stay with the standard form of shredding, the strip cut.

Another consideration in your search for a paper shredder that fits your needs is how much information will you need shredded?  Mid volume shredders can handle more shredding than the standard home, or low volume shredder, but if there is a large volume of paper that needs to be disposed of it is recommended that a high volume shredder be a consideration.