How often should the blades of a paper shredder be oiled?

Paper shredding oil is a must for all high security and high volume paper shredders. In fact, all paper shredders should be oiled regularly to keep them in proper working order. The frequency of oiling your shredder will depend on how often you shred documents and the type of shredder you use.

For all finer cutting shredders, oiling every 75-100 sheets is recommended. Make sure that the recommended shredding oil is used (See Manual). Paper shredding oil is a unique mixture that creates little to no residue. Using a non-approved lubricant will create paper dust which may clog the blades and possibly void the warranty on your shredder. Some of the more expensive, high security, shredders on the market offer a self oiling feature. This is ideal for larger offices or large shredding jobs.