Staplers, Staples, & Fasteners

Staples – Staples are one of the most commonly used office supplies at work, at school, and at home. The most common use of staples is to attach multiple sheets of paper, but they are frequently used for other purposes, such as to hang papers and signs. Staples range in size from economy to heavy duty. Economy staples can bind about 20 sheets of paper and are common, everyday staples. Premium staples are a little larger and higher quality and can usually bind approximately 25 sheets. Heavy duty staples have longer legs that can hold several hundred sheets of paper. Staples are packaged in strips that can be easily inserted into a stapler. They are sold in boxes of approximately 5,000 staples.

Staplers – As with staples, several different types of staplers are available. Desktop staplers are relatively small in size and are used for small stacks of paper. They are designed to be used on a hard surface such as a desk. Hand staplers are similar to desktop staplers but can be easily operated in one hand without the need for a hard surface. Both light and heavy duty hand staplers are available. Heavy duty staplers are usually larger staplers that have longer arms. This creates more leverage and makes it easier to staple large stacks of paper. Some common stapler manufacturers are listed below.

  • Arrow Staplers – Arrow is perhaps best know for their heavy duty staple guns. They are available in manual, cordless, and corded varieties. Arrow also offers a line of standard stapler models.
  • Bostitch Staplers – offer a variety of staplers that are manufactured by Stanley. These include heavy duty staplers, desktop staplers, and specialty staplers. Bostitch staples and staple removers are also available.
  • Swingline Staplers – are available in a wide variety of types. They offer battery-operated and corded electric staplers, desktop staplers, compact staplers, and hand staplers. Swingline also manufactures a line of specialty staplers, staple removers, and staples.

Electric Staplers – are useful if you will be doing a lot of stapling. They are powered by either batteries or an outlet and are usually quiet and efficient. All you have to do is insert the papers under the stapler and it takes care of the rest.

Staple Guns – are heavy duty staplers that are used for hanging or binding heavyweight items such as signs or banners. They provide a quick and easy alternative to nails and can be used in wood, plastic, and many other surfaces.